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7 Secrets of Healthy Project-driven Companies

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Over 1,100 people have learned the 7 Secrets. Have you?

The 7 Secrets e-book divulges keys to mitigate project risks, maximize profit margins, exploit software and technology tools, and avoid the irritating scenarios typically found within project-centric companies.

Learn and apply the 7 Secrets
to your organization:
7 Secrets the Healthiest
Project-driven Organizations
Know That You May Not

7 Secrets e-Book

7 Secrets of Project-driven Organizations eBook

After learning the 7 Secrets, you can implement practical measures to streamline your project accounting. In the Stop the Pain e-book, you’ll hear the story of a typical CEO and how he transformed his procedures and technology tools from painful obstacles to valuable assets.

Learn and apply the 7 Smart Procedures
to your organization:
7 Smart Project Management
and Accounting Procedures

That Work
7 Procedures e-Book
7 Procedures e-Book

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By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Microsoft Dynamics SL partner.

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