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Stoneridge Software

5 Reasons Why Longevity Should Be a Prime Consideration When Choosing an ERP Partner

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When looking for a Partner to team up with on your ERP implementation, longevity in business should be a prime consideration. Why?

  1. They’ve adapted to technology changes.
  2. They have a customer base that can provide you references.    If they have customers who have been with them for 20 years that would seem to be an indication of satisfaction.    There are plenty of options out there if a customer is unhappy.
  3. They’ve weathered the economic highs and lows.
  4. They’re committed to the long haul.  They’ve invested in the industry, in their employees, and customers.
  5. They’ve developed relationships within the industry.   They have their go-to resources when expertise is outside their normal scope.

For the last few years, Stoneridge Software has been providing accounting software solutions, training, and support in our offices in Fargo, Barnesville, and Minneapolis. Our passion is to assist clients in meeting their goals with professional services and powerful business solutions.

Stoneridge Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focusing on the Microsoft Dynamics suite of products.  We serve customers primarily in North Dakota, South Dakota, Eastern Montana, and Northwest Minnesota as well as nationwide.

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