What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or GP “12”?

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Sessions at Convergence 2012 in Houston TX covered exciting ground about the new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or GP “12”. Here are a few of our favorite new features:

-        Enhanced Reconciliation: For companies that struggle with matching account receivables with payables or effectively managing their cash flow, Microsoft Dynamics GP has added enhanced functionality to reconciliations. You can set up out of balance conditions right within GP such as an un-posted batch or a voided GL entry, etc. within both the Receivables and Payables module. You can even match records on transaction source, date, and amount. This will then report matched transactions, unmatched transactions, and potentially matched transactions, with the capability to drill back to the document and/or journal entry.

-        Mass Fixed Asset Depreciation Reversal: Mistakes are bound to happen eventually when using your accounting software. To fix fixed asset depreciation mistakes in GP now, you have to back out of each asset manually. But with GP 2013, you can do a mass reversal all at once. This time saver enhances the overall GP experience and allows you to bounce back from mistakes.

-        Intuitive Serial/Lot Number Tracking: Current versions of GP don’t allow you to enter serial numbers for drop shipped items, but in GP 2013, you can track serial/lot numbers from vendors, helping you link Sales Order Processing (SOP) invoices to Purchase Orders (PO). Then that serial or lot number will come across the SOP invoice, connecting all the dots along the way.


If you have any questions about this new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact us at Sikich for more information.

By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Missouri

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