Top Buzzwords at Microsoft’s Convergence 2012

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The upbeat nature at Convergence 2012 got everyone excited and ready for the next year of Microsoft Dynamics technology. Microsoft was especially confident this year, dropping buzzwords here and there in keynotes and throughout the conference. Here are a few of the top buzzwords to keep top of mind this year:

-        Social Technology: Everyone is ‘getting social’ these days and this doesn’t mean hanging out mingling at cocktail hour. It means getting engaged on social networks. This rise of social technology provides an opportunity for businesses to move the traditional legacy system into the system of engagement.

-        Social Collaboration: In addition to leveraging social technology to build customer engagement, it’s becoming increasingly important for internal sales, accounting, marketing, and customer service teams. Microsoft Dynamics is focused on delivering these social capabilities in their ERP products. It’s a new way of doing business to which Microsoft  definitely is dedicated , as was made apparent at this year’s conference.

-        The Cloud: We couldn’t write this article without mentioning the biggest buzzword of them all, The Cloud. Although this was huge last year and previous years as well- this year Microsoft has exciting plans for Microsoft Dynamics® GP in the cloud. This is a significant leap into the future and a wonderful opportunity for all organizations looking to streamline financials and gain control over accounting without dishing out a ton of money.

If you were at Convergence this year, we would love to hear the buzzwords you took away. The phrases above are just a few that resonated with us here at Sherwood Systems. We know our customers are looking to stay engaged through social networks and are always interested in the cloud updates for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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