Sales Tax in the Cloud: Saving Time, Money, and Effort

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Sales tax management used to be a time consuming, effort-laden activity that required regular maintenance of tax tables, manual research to ensure accurate tax data, and IT involvement to upload that information to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. But there is a better way.

Cloud-based sales tax solutions such as Avalara’s AvaTax take that burden away from you, your tax department, and IT.

Automation as Part of the Solution

Error rates and audit-ability are two concerns that come with handling sales tax compliance responsibilities. Manual processes tend to have higher error rates and more difficulty in developing a consistent audit trail.

According to a 2012 Aberdeen Group report, companies who want to reduce risk of error, increase productivity, and nearly eliminate audit trail issues must:

  • Automate workflow from tax preparation to remittance,
  • Enable centralized management of tax information, and
  • Establish standardized procedures for managing government audits.

Cloud-based Automation Takes You One Step Further

Automating your sales tax management process helps to ensure a consistent, repeatable activity, which increases the audit-ability of the sales tax compliance trail from invoice and transaction to collection and remittance. Centralizing that management enables your tax department and staff to be able to find the information all in one place, which helps when an auditor is waiting for you to deliver requested documentation.

Centralizing your database of sales tax information through automation using a cloud-based solution makes your tax data available immediately from anywhere. A cloud-based automated workflow makes that workflow process available to all your staff, increasing the consistency of data. A cloud-based solution such as AvaTax delivers accurate, timely tax data so that your ERP is always using the most up-to-date tax information and applying correct tax rates for every transaction.

Accurate, timely data from the cloud eliminates the need for your IT department to be involved in uploading tax data and rates each month, then having to check the validity of that data as well. Instead, AvaTax does that for you—the data is delivered via the Cloud, immediately.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

A key component of the AvaTax solution by Avalara is its seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. Integrating AvaTax makes sales tax data and accurate calculations instantly available from within your ERP. Using the cloud-based solution AvaTax ensures you have an audit-able trail for:

  • Sales tax calculations for each transaction,
  • Documentation of sales tax-exempt sales requiring exemption certificates. and
  • Sales tax compliance reporting and remittance.

Sales tax no longer needs to be the stone hung around your tax department’s neck. Find out today how sales tax automation can improve your sales tax compliance outlook while reducing effort, time, and cost of compliance. Visit or call 1.877.780.4848 today.

by Avalara, Microsoft ISV and Add on Provider

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