Non-Profits Getting a Boost from Donation Sites

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More and more non-profit organizations are using 3rd party systems to accept donations online. In 2010 nearly $1.3 billion was raised online. Allowing people to donate online is becoming one of the easiest ways for non-profits to collect more payments.

Not only are online donations easier for people to make, but it can also be more cost effective and beneficial for companies to promote. Whether it is managing online advertising or using social media campaigns to gather donations, a donation site can prove to be an extremely versatile channel for generating contributions.

Points of Light, a leading volunteer organization with more than 20 years of history, has turned towards an online donation site as part of their strategy. In addition, they also needed to find a way to facilitate the process of managing donations through their website and their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics GP. Thanks to an integrated system, donations are now processed in real-time from the website through to Sales Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP without the need for staff to manually enter each donation.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a great match for some non for profit organizations. Find out how the American Red Cross was able to benefit from using Microsoft Dynamics GP, and if you are looking for an easier way for your organization to collect and manage online donations while using Microsoft Dynamics GP contact us to learn more.

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