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Nine Reasons to Host Your ERP System in the Cloud

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People are turning to the cloud to host their ERP systems in increasing numbers. There are many reasons why people are choosing the cloud. These are the reasons we hear most often:

  • We just got spun off from our parent company that was using Dynamics. Our future looks bright and I want to keep Dynamics, but I don’t want to buy the servers and hire the IT talent to keep it all going.
  • The Dynamics solution set is becoming more and more useful. I love it, but it’s also becoming more complex, and challenging to manage. Will you do that for me? [Yes]
  • We’ve been using Dynamics for years. You can tell by the age of our hardware. It is old! I’m not interested in replacing all of that stuff.
  • We’ve got people all over the world that use our system. It’s a pain getting them all connected. Is it easier with Dynamics in the cloud? [Yes]
  • Our company used to be huge, now it’s not. We have an ERP system with 3,185 tables. We need something easier and more economical. I’m not going to pay another $125,000 annual maintenance fee!
  • We just started our new biotech company. We’ve got some money, but the board of directors doesn’t want us to spend it on an ERP system. I need something that’s easy to get into, financially, but will grow with us.
  • We didn’t pay our enhancement fee to Microsoft for a few years and now it’s going to cost us big bucks to get up to the current version. Am I stuck? [No. Switch to subscription pricing, in the cloud.]
  • Our business is very cyclical. Some months we only need three users and some months we need 15. Is there a way I can adjust to that? [Yes. Switch to subscription pricing, in the cloud]
  • I’m tired of the version upgrades, service packs, patches, etc. And I’m tired of paying someone every time we have to do one of those. How does that work with ERP in the cloud? [We do it for you.]

If any of these reasons sound familiar to you, you'll want to consider hosting your Dynamics system in the cloud.

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by RoseASP, Microsoft ISV Add on Partner

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