How to Extend the Ease of Use for Your ERP Software

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If your employees aren’t using your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, then you’ve wasted a large chunk of your budget.  Extending usability is important so that your solution is leveraged to the best of its ability.  Don’t let all that software research, implementation time, and BUDGET go to waste.

Typically when users drift away from using their ERP software, there is a reason.  When ERP software is no longer applicable to business operations, users begin to seek alternate and easier ways to capture and store important data.  Before dropping the ERP software altogether, make sure that you have chosen the right software for your business, employees have the proper training on using the ERP software, and you have a reliable vendor to provide support on software updates and supplemental services.

Businesses of all sizes have found long-term success with Microsoft Dynamics® ERP.  This powerful ERP software offers an easy way to monitor finances, supply chain management, project and service management, customer relationships, and more.  It is scalable to meet your business needs now, and is flexible enough to change as your business needs change.  Fully integrated software, Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides visibility into business operations that allows you to streamline processes throughout your company which will improve productivity, as well as profitability.  Like other commonly used Microsoft products, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is familiar in appearance, which makes it easy to learn and comfortable to use.  If the software is applicable to your business operations, with uncomplicated features, employees are more likely to use it and stick with it.

Your software provider can assist you with periodic software upgrades so that your software is always running smoothly.  Upgrades often include improved codes and fixes that make the software even easier to use and faster.  Your provider can also help you with the occasional spring-cleaning of data – archiving records that are no longer in use or needed.  This will optimize the speed of the software so employees aren’t discouraged by waiting for data when they make large queries.

Your ERP software shouldn’t make your job harder; it should save you time, improve your productivity, and make your job easier.  If you are wondering if you are using the right ERP software or have questions about the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions, please contact BDO Solutions for guidance.


By Jim Krahn with BDO Solutions, Leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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