Demoing Dynamics GP at Pervasive's IntegrationWorld 2012

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Coming on the tails of the exciting addition of VisionForum to our roster of cloud clients is Pervasive’s IntegrationWorld 2012. We’re here in Austin, Tx on the University of Texas campus. So far as I can tell we are the only Microsoft Gold Partner sponsoring a booth at this event!

SMBSuite has always been unique among Microsoft VARs because of our readiness to reach out to those solution providers that are really innovating regardless of their Microsoft affiliation. Pervasive has been integral in that effort.

It’s through Pervasive’s “connector” functionality that we can seamlessly integrate our ERP and CRM systems with virtually any other database— eCommerce or otherwise—in record time compared to any other provider.  A lot of the visitors to our booth have been surprised that they can keep their current eCommerce or CRM system while realizing the benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution.

Hopefully, our gigantic balloon will be the siren song that lures conference-goers to our booth where they can learn about the real magic we do! If not that, then the free ipad we’re giving away might. . .

As ever, you can learn more about what SMBSuite can do for you, the benefits of a cloud Dynamics solution, and how you can upgrade without paying a penny in up-front implementation costs, get free upgrades, and integrate with 3rd-party crm systems like (if you want to keep your current solution) or Microsoft's own Dynamics CRM (if you want something even better:).

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