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Are You Lapsed on Your Enhancement Plan with Microsoft?

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Microsoft’s software enhancement plan for its Dynamics products allows users to receive the latest software versions and service packs for Dynamics.

Generally Microsoft charges the enhancement fee on an annual basis. If you forget or otherwise do not pay the enhancement fee, you will not have access to the new software versions and service packs as they’re released. If you become “lapsed” on your enhancement fee, it can be expensive to get current.

So if you’re lapsed on your enhancement fee, and want to use the most current version of the software, but you’re not excited about paying the catch up fee, what should you do? You should consider a subscription license for Dynamics provided by a Dynamics hosting partner.

If you switch to a subscription license with a Dynamics hosting partner you can continue to use Dynamics and use your existing system data with the latest version of the software. And you’ll enjoy the additional benefits from hosting your ERP system in the Cloud.

Once you’re on a subscription license with Microsoft, you will pay no additional enhancement fees, but you will have access to the latest version of the software.

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