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Activity Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Sometimes changes are made. Sometimes those changes are made on purpose, sometime they are not. Regardless, changes can cause problems, so we often need to know WHO made the change.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP we have the ability to enable “Activity Tracking.” Activity Tracking is a feature that, when enabled, allows us to track a list of different activities. We can track when users logged into the system and when they logged out. We can track when someone TRIED, but failed to login because of a wrong password. We can track when a user created a new master record (Customer, Vendor, Inventory Item, etc.) or deleted a master record, and more.

Here is a list of the areas that can have Activity Tracking enabled:

  • Login/Logout Tracking (successful and failed attempts)
  • Access Tracking (opens a window, runs a report)
  • File Tracking (additions, deletions, and modifications to master files, transaction files, setup files)
  • Process Tracking (file maintenance, routine, and utilities processes)
  • Posting Tracking (posting of invoices, bank transactions, cash receipts, AP check payments, etc.)

After collecting this information we can later review this information in a couple of ways. We can use the Activity Tracking Inquiry window to review the activity collected by company, by user ID, or by activity type. This makes it easy to quickly review the information collected by the Activity Tracking feature. We can also generate reports to give us information on the data that is being tracked.

So, when things are changing within your accounting system and you cannot figure out who is making the changes, remember that this feature is built into the base product with Microsoft Dynamics GP. If you have any questions about Activity Tracking, or need assistance in setting up Activity Tracking in your company, feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

2 Responses to “Activity Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. Lee says:

    Will the Activity Tracking report for File Tracking include events where users are created, deleted, modified?