A Look into the Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” Web Client

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There are many exciting enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics GP “12”.  You’ll find that the software will run smoother and quicker.  As with many software upgrades, there are a few changes in the web client runtime architecture.  According to this Developing for Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, these are several of the noticeable changes that you’ll want to investigate:

  1. Ribbons:  The style sheets and UI templates you may have used before have been replaced by Ribbon functionality which can be added to Dexterity windows using commands and command lists.  The Ribbons are defined in Dexterity, but only used for the web client.
  2. Tabs:  Tab functionality is available in Dexterity for the web client.  Any window of a form can be placed into a tab inside the web client window.  This should streamline navigation.
  3. Homepage Parts:  This is a nice convenience; Homepage Parts are movable and resizable and have memory.  This functionality is available for the web client and Desktop client.
  4. Named Databases:  The DYNAMICS system database and the two sample company database names can now be changed.  Developers can use GetSystemDatabaseName() and GetSampleDatabaseName() instead of constants or hard-coded strings.

You may be used to some features on the full Desktop client which are not currently available in the first version of the Web client.  It is unclear whether these features will be available in the future.  The following features are not supported:

1.    Workflow

2.    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Customizations, however, Modified windows will work

3.    As noted above, UI Templates or style sheets for windows

4.    Visual Studio Tools (VST) winforms, however, .Net business logic against Dexterity windows will work.

When software is upgraded, it usually comes with streamlined coding and features that make it faster and easier to enter or extract data.  You may notice a few changes in the appearance and functionality that require a little getting used to, but you’ll be on your feet and running in no time.  Contact Socius for additional guidance on these and the other changes in the Microsoft Dynamics GP “12” web client architecture.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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