4 New Features in Management Reporter 2012

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Management Reporter 2012 has just been released and includes several new features designed to increase performance and enhance options for reporting.

1. Report design flexibility
When you create reports, you can create various dimension combinations and reuse them between different reports. You can also control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed, and format headers for rolling forecasts. Before you generate a report, you can run a missing account analysis to quickly identify accounts and dimensions that have been omitted from report building blocks.

2. Financial report collaboration
Report scheduling options help you automatically generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Enhanced report distribution options allow you to publish to Microsoft Excel® worksheets and the read-only .XPS report format. Microsoft SharePoint® is also supported. Enhanced security options for reports are also available.

3. Interactive report viewing
Report Viewer has enhanced options for viewing and analyzing reports that have been generated, add comments to generated reports, create charts based on report data, and quickly search report data for specific information.

4. Deeper Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration
You can select data in a report and view the original data in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP database, based on the company, account, and period that is defined in the report. Management Reporter 2012 also helps you display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports

Don’t forget that Microsoft has Demo company reports that you can import and use to create your own company reports.

>>>Management Reporter 2012 Demo Step-by-Step Instructions

by interDyn BMI, Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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