4 Game Changers for Project-based Companies

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When coming in on budget is vital to survival, companies need a tried-and-true project accounting software system. One such company, The Production Network (TPN), had to solve their scattered-data problem and ensure they were making budget on their myriad projects. With a GL system in one place, a timesheet system in another, and a gazillion spreadsheets, it took weeks for TPN to send an invoice and a gargantuan effort to make budget.

Watch this entertaining 5-minute video to learn how the game changed for TPN: Project Accounting System Changes the Game for Production Company. Hint: Through implementing Microsoft Dynamics SL, they put into practice these four game changers, among others: The Production Network Changes the Game with New Project Accounting System
  1. Streamline Project Management - Simplify processes and connect project management and accounting across divisions and locations. No more silos of data to reconcile. Everything is integrated.
  2. Quickly Find and Sort Data – Easily use quick query features to find, sort, and review information and supporting documents.
  3. Efficiently Enter and Approve Time Cards - As an employee or project manager, enter or approve time and review summary reports within a web portal accessed anywhere and anytime.
  4. Easily Monitor Project Performance - Monitor project performance and track purchase orders and invoices.

Also experience Dynamics SL Guided Labs that walk you through how to accomplish these four foundational changes.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Microsoft Dynamics SL partner.

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