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Your Accounting Solution Leaving You Feeling Blah? Taste Test Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    Last night I was roaming the aisles of my local grocery store when I found myself in the spice aisle.   As I was browsing the shelves, something caught my eye and prompted me to pick it up for closer inspection.   As I looked it over, I discovered it contained 6 different spices which was the right amount for the recipe on the back. The packaging was complete with a picture of the finished dish.     What a great idea!   Whether you're a good cook or just starting out, here was a way to try a new recipe without committing to buying 6 jars of spices that you might not want to use again and at a much lower cost too.  And what’s nice is if you like the recipe, you can add that beautiful recipe card and photo to your recipe box for the future.

     Really, shopping for a new software solution is not that different.  You’re looking to change things up because your needs have outgrown your system or you're just tired and frustrated with it.   So you start looking around to see what’s out there.  Most organizations have the basic needs for General ledger, Receivables, Payables but depending on your industry you may need to look for something with a different flavor, so to speak.    You may have a need for Manufacturing, Distribution or Field Service needs.    This is what I like about the Business Ready Licensing packaging of Microsoft Dynamics GP.    The basic license includes the functionality that most organizations need and want.  Then if you have more specific functionality that you need,  it is available as an additional purchase so you’re not stuck with payroll functionality if you never intend to process payroll in house.   However if you do want to process payroll, you don’t have purchase another system that may or may not work well with your core financials.

     There are many ways that you can get a taste for a new ERP solution.  DFC Consultants periodically offers a free webcast to give an overview of the product.  In fact, we have a Microsoft Dynamics GP webcast schedule for April 24th at 10 am.  Another option is have a business analysis meeting so we can understand the specific needs of your organization and prepare a demo on how the solution would address your pain points.  Now we even offer a 30 Day Trial of GP in the Cloud so not only do you have an opportunity to work with GP for 30 days, you can also see the benefits of a solution in the cloud.   DFC Consultants  welcome the opportunity to talk to you about Microsoft Dynamics GP and how it could be a fit for your organization.   You can contact us at 800-277-5561 or email [email protected]     

     Is Microsoft Dynamics GP affordable?  In a word, yes.  Right now, you can save up to 85% off the license price on the first 5 users.   

     Since 1989, DFC Consultants has been providing accounting software solutions, training and support in our offices in Fargo, Bismarck and Dickinson, North Dakota.  DFC Consultants specializes in Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM and is a Microsoft Certified Training Center.   Our passion is to assist clients in meeting their goals with professional services and powerful business solutions.

     By Vanessa Veflin, North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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