Why You’re Paying Too Much for Business Management Software

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How much does it cost to run your business management software?  If your company has multiple systems that don’t work well together, you probably have a lot of unnecessary expenses associated with maintaining these solutions.  For starters, you end up paying multiple vendors for maintenance, upgrades, and training.  When something goes wrong, the vendors point fingers at each other, and your IT staff are stuck in the middle trying to figure out who is really responsible. This leaves very little time to be proactive and prevent problems from arising in the first place.

Aside from this, you also have to buy and maintain the hardware required to run multiple systems.  What happens when your business needs to ramp up to meet increased demand? You end up buying more hardware to accommodate the necessary bandwidth for additional employees and higher production. But when times are tough, you’re stuck paying for the same expensive hardware and increased overhead that you no longer need. So how can companies reduce the cost of maintaining multiple applications, while being flexible enough to stay competitive?

A good way to alleviate this problem is to have one comprehensive business management solution instead of multiple systems that do not interface with each other.  You pay one vendor instead of several, and there’s no arguing over who’s responsible for fixing the problem – if you only have one vendor, they will always be the ones held accountable. Managing one vendor will allow your IT staff to proactively focus on business needs instead of constantly putting out fires and playing the blame game with multiple vendors.

Choosing a vendor that offers both on-premise and cloud deployment options can further reduce your cost. Instead of spending money on the hardware required to maintain multiple applications, you can host all or part of your technology portfolio in the cloud. This means you only have to pay for what you actually need, and it gives you the flexibility to expand and ramp up quickly when customer demands rise. In an unstable economy, this is a key factor for maintaining competitive advantage, because it means your business can adapt quickly to sudden changes.

Here are a few fundamental benefits of moving from multiple disparate systems to one comprehensive business management solution:

  • Save money - Simply put, you will spend less money on software maintenance, upgrades and training when you work with one vendor instead of many. You can also save money on hardware maintenance and data storage by choosing to leverage the cloud.
  • Increase agility – Your business can respond to changes in market demand more easily when your systems are synchronized and operate efficiently together.  Choosing to host all or part of your systems in the cloud can boost agility even further because you can scale your technology as needed to match the changing needs of your organization.
  • Improve data access – Using one system of record will increase visibility across all areas of your organization and allows managers to make better decisions based on accurate, real-time information.

How do you move your business management software down the path toward a single system without losing important functionality that helps you stay ahead of the competition? The best way to achieve this is to start with your existing processes – document how you currently operate and identify areas where things can be streamlined or improved. We believe technology should reflect the way you actually work within your organization, and not the other way around. And it should support the best practices that are essential to success in your specific industry, allowing you to achieve your strategic business goals.

At OmniVue, we can help outline a roadmap to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. Our VueFinderTM process is designed for this exact purpose. Contact us today to learn more about reducing the amount you spend on your business management solution.

by OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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