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Caprice Murray, Tensoft, Inc

Tensoft Customer Syndiant Ramps Up With An Economical Cloud Solution

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Dallas-based Syndiant is a fabless company that manufactures the world’s smallest and highest-resolution light modulating chips used in ultra-portable projectors that are small enough to embed in a cell phone. Syndiant’s patented technologies provide a large screen experience in handheld electronics, such as smartphones, notebook computers, portable media players, video game consoles, and cameras.

When the company was transitioning from development into production of its world-class products, Syndiant chose Tensoft to implement its Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturing (FSM) system and Microsoft Dynamics GP into a fully integrated ERP and supply chain solution.

The cloud-based fabless semiconductor-specific system that Tensoft put in place enabled Syndiant to smoothly transition from start-up to full production mode, growing sales from a few units a week to more than 5,000 units per week. With the company’s cloud-based system in place and meeting its needs for now and the future, Syndiant was able to eliminate the need for its own IT department enabling it to control operating costs and focus on new opportunities.

Why Go With the Cloud?

By turning to a cloud-based deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP enhanced with the vertical-industry solution Tensoft FSM, Syndiant has been able to support its entrance into the ultraportable projector market. With the solution in place, the company has experienced rapid growth, both in employees and sales orders, all while keeping control of costs.

“We knew we would need to be able to cost-effectively scale in terms of headcount by adding staff to research and development roles instead of IT. And we felt a cloud-based ERP system would enable us to do that,” said Tupper Patnode, Vice President of Operations for Syndiant. “Because Microsoft Dynamics GP and Tensoft FSM provide the information we need to make key decisions as we enter a new market, the solutions are priceless to us.”

“By going with a cloud-based solution, we were able to implement and maintain a full ERP system without needing IT staff or having to invest in server hardware. [And] through a single point of contact, we get support for both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Tensoft FSM,” she says. “If any issues arise, we just reach out to our partner, Tensoft, and they are on it almost immediately.”

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