Spreadsheets are Helpful, But You Can’t Rely on Them Forever

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In the early stages, many businesses look to spreadsheets to store and calculate important business data.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before you outgrow the simplicity of spreadsheets.  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offers the ability to organize and report data so you have greater visibility into operations and profitability.

Spreadsheets can be an incredible way to crunch numbers and organize different types of data.  They are used successfully by businesses for many different reasons, but there are limitations.  Once you begin using spreadsheets to organize important business data, you open yourself up to calculation mistakes, misappropriated data, and unreliable forecasting.  Business management is greatly limited and fraught with errors in simple spreadsheets.  Comprehensive business software like Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a safer way to securely store critical business data and it offers powerful analytics and forecasting features.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is just as easy to use as spreadsheets and it offers more powerful business management capabilities.  It resembles other commonly used Microsoft products that you probably already have at the office, so it’s easy to learn.  The RoleTailored pages can be customized for each individual in your company so you see the screens and data that pertain to specific job tasks.  You don’t need to be distracted by extraneous information or features that you won’t use.

Instead of emailing spreadsheets back and forth, your data is securely organized in a single software platform that everyone can access, at any time, from the office or mobile devices.  Improve collaboration throughout the office and use current data to make important business decisions with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Having access to real time data will improve productivity, keep approvals and projects on the fast-track to completion, and improve response time with customers too.

Spreadsheets can’t provide advanced analytics like predictive modeling, forecasting, or provide visibility into your financials and operations.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can connect financial management, supply chain, manufacturing, project management, and human resource and payroll management.  You can print over 200 types of reports that include charts, graphs, and financial reports so that you always have your finger on the pulse of important business activities.  You can even customize additional reports when they may be needed for taxing or other regulatory agencies.  The visibility that Microsoft Dynamics GP provides will help you streamline business operations, improve productivity, and improve profitability.

There is a place for spreadsheets in business, but not in business management.  Simple spreadsheets simply cannot provide the deep business insight that comprehensive business management software like Microsoft Dynamics GP can.

By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Missouri

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