Pitch the Crystal Ball for ERP and Have More Accurate Inventory Control (ERP)

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Trying to connect inventory levels with customer demand can be a challenging task with about the same accuracy as using a crystal ball - or spreadsheets and calculators.  Confidence in the accuracy of your data can mean a world of difference when you’re running your business and there just isn’t any room for guessing.

You can easily take the guesswork out of the equation with powerful ERP software.  Create meaningful information from large amounts of incoming and outgoing data. Let’s take a look at a few ways this is possible:

  • From Visions to Reality- Just like looking into a crystal ball, we can view large amounts of data, but in the end, what does it all really mean? With Microsoft Dynamics® ERP, you can organize information to help you do your job better. There are role-tailored dashboards so everyone in your company gets the information they need. And with Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and real-time notifications/alerts, you’ll always be “in the know”. Microsoft Dynamics also works seamlessly with Microsoft Excel so if you ever need to work with information within that program, it’s easy to get real-time data in as well as export it out. This flexible functionality paves the way to turning visions into reality as you crunch numbers, analyze, and make profitable business decisions.
  • Control your Destiny- When it comes to your inventory level, there are numerous factors to consider such as customer needs, seasonal trends, market demand and more; then it’s taking that knowledge and putting things into play so your inventory can meet all the necessary requirements. Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you control your “destiny” or rather, inventory to help you do just that.  With advanced and flexible reporting capabilities, you can have confidence in forecasting for accurate inventory control.

If looking into that crystal ball has lost its appeal, contact us at Socius to learn how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you see what lies ahead as well as help you plan effectively for it.

 By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner


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