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No More Late Nights for Year End Reporting

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Year-end reports are important to the sustainability of your company, but every year it’s something you dread. Come on, you can admit it...we won’t tell. Well, what if next year was different?

Year-end reporting becomes such a disaster because the data you need is often stored in disparate software programs and spreadsheets across the company.  Getting people to drop their daily responsibilities to crunch your numbers is like pulling teeth.  Making sense of the data you get back is another headache.  Put an end to this annual nightmare with powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software like Microsoft Dynamics® NAV.

Businesses are choosing ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to organize important operational data in a single software application.  Financials, manufacturing, sales and marketing, project and service management, supply chain, and other data can all be stored in this integrated software solution.  Having all of your critical business data in a single platform makes it easy to find and use the data you need to make the business decisions that move your business forward.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to use, like the other Microsoft software commonly used in business offices today.  The RoleTailored pages can be customized so that each employee has access to the features they need, while hiding the inessential features they won’t use.  Making the windows on the screen simple to use and uncluttered will make their jobs easier.  Much of the common daily data-entry is also streamlined and automated further improving productivity and accuracy of data.  Its ease of use encourages rapid adoption and ensures that you have current and accurate data at your fingertips at all times.

Which brings us back to the year-end reporting nightmare.  Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides built-in and customizable reporting features.  You can easily report and share any of the current data with colleagues, shareholders, governmental agencies, or other regulatory agencies.  Imagine being able to print off year-end reports in a timely fashion, without having to nag your co-workers for data and interpret the numbers you get back from them.  Contact Sikich to see how you can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV to get year-end reporting done, without the sleepless nights.


By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Missouri

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