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Mobile Solutions Opening New Doors for Manufacturers

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Mobile solutions are opening new doors for manufacturers and companies in general. With the boom of tablet devices and their incredible ease-of-use, mobile solutions are a quick and effective way to improve your operations. Mostly everyone knows how to use them and let’s face it, the novelty of the item makes it fun!

But how can mobile solutions specifically help your manufacturing operations? Let’s take a look at a few examples:

-        Shop Floor Visibility and Control: Mobile scanning devices seamlessly integrated with your ERP solution make it possible to gain real-time insight into all shop floor activities, putting you in more control. More control results in less error and streamlines overall processes because you can easily see what works and what doesn’t. Let’s say there’s a stocking issue on the shop floor and the employee doesn’t have the training to resolve it. With a mobile scanning device, this issue can be escalated to the appropriate manager in real-time so that the issue doesn’t affect or stop overall operations. This insight keeps productivity high and reduces problems that often result from small issues.

-        Asset and Inventory Tracking: Communication across departments is key to streamlining incoming orders and outgoing shipments. Mobile scanning devices make it possible to track assets and inventory in real-time so that sales, customer service, and managers are kept up to speed at any given time. Let’s say a customer calls into customer service asking how fast you can get them product ‘A’. The customer service rep can then check in the ERP system and since inventory is updated through mobile devices, can have confidence in answering the customer on the other end of the phone within just a few minutes of their question. This quick response to customer demand is huge for manufacturers and is made possible by intuitive mobile devices.

Whether you have a smart phone or tablet, you’ve joined the mobile revolution. The next step is bringing your manufacturing company into the next generation with optimal functionality and real-time insight that can put you one step ahead of the rest.

If you have any questions about mobile technology or warehouse management solutions (WMS) for manufacturing, please contact us at Appolis.

By Steve Dwyer of Appolis, Warehouse Management System (WMS) Provider

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