Microsoft Dynamics: The Grass is Greener in the Cloud

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Running multiple disparate systems in your company is not only inefficient, but it isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to operate either. The technology exists to create a greener, paperless office and reduce your dependence on manual processes and costly hardware. Money and time spent on reams of paper, printers, toner, servers and Excel spreadsheets adds up. Plus the cost of document storage: file cabinets, boxes, the cost of the physical space in which your documents are stored. With filing comes the cost of someone to file each document and pull them when needed — which includes time spent searching for misfiled documents. Reliance on manual processes isn’t just more expensive; it also increases the risk for error in order processing, customer service and financial reporting.

The biggest hurdles to creating a paperless, greener office are organizational ones. Specifically, how your technology is structured and how your systems interact with each other. A comprehensive business management solution can alleviate many of the costs associated with paper and manual processes. For example, if your order tracking software could interface with your inventory tracking or Warehouse Management System, this would reduce the amount of duplicate data entry needed to fulfill a customer’s request. Having one system of record instead of multiple disparate systems can streamline your processes and help make additional paper unnecessary.

Integration Holds the Key
To achieve this green dream of a paperless office, you need solutions in place that can provide better visibility and timely reporting without resorting to the printer. Microsoft Dynamics solutions such as Dynamics NAV, GP, AX, and CRM will give you the integration to start breaking the paper habit. By integrating all your business systems, these solutions can reduce the cost associated with paper and manual processes. The benefits quickly add up.

  • Collaboration. Share documents among a team, over any distance, without having to print and revise.
  • Search. An enterprise search solution makes it possible to locate any document based on keywords.
  • Virtual routing. Documents can be electronically routed to all the appropriate parties, in a specified sequence, to obtain approvals.
  • Electronic signatures. Proposals and contracts become paperless with compliant cloud signature technology.

Here at OmniVue, we walk the walk – many of our internal processes are entirely paperless. For example, our new hire process goes from application and offer letter to contracts and background checks with zero printing required. The signatures are uploaded, placed in all the right spots, and then routed to our CEO for review. After approval, the documents are routed to the new employee, hiring manager, and HR representative.

Green Clouds
To truly take your organization down the green path, consider moving your business systems to the cloud. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the cloud will also significantly reduce your hardware and maintenance costs. No need to purchase more servers to run robust business applications. Having one comprehensive system in the cloud makes it easier to stay current, because upgrades and backups can be taken care of without monopolizing your IT department’s time. With all your systems working together and synchronized, your organization will reduce costs while maintaining its competitive advantage.

By choosing a business management solution that is designed to work in the cloud, it will open doors to greener pastures. Achieving this requires having the right solutions to align technology with business processes. To find out how your office might look with fewer manual processes, less hardware and paper, contact OmniVue to talk about VueFinderTM — we can help outline a plan for going green that won’t compromise your organizational goals.

By OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner


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