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Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Inquiry Zoom

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Often during month end reconciles or financial reporting there will be questions about specific journal entries and where they originated. Accounting systems sometimes include an origination field that can help find where the transaction came from, but they do not give us all the information we need.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP we have an additional tool to help us figure out the source of a journal entry. When reviewing the detail of a GL account we can see the individual transactions; including debit and credit amounts as well as posting date.

When reviewing the details for a single transaction, the inquiry window includes a blue underlined “Journal Entry” label. Depending on how you have Dynamics GP setup, these Inquiry Zoom labels will appear as blue underlined wording, similar to hyperlinks on web pages. By clicking on the Inquiry Zoom label we can drill back to the actual journal entry that included the highlighted entry.

A new window will open that shows the journal entry in its entirety. From this window we can analyze the journal entry to see if we can figure it out. But there is something else to help us. In the “Transaction Entry Zoom” window we have another “Inquiry Zoom” label. This time it is “Source Document” that has the hyper link look.

If we click on “Source Document” Dynamics GP will open another window to give us more information about the document that created the journal entry (which posted the transaction in the original account we were researching).

So what we have seen is that with Inquiry Zooms in Microsoft Dynamics GP we have the ability to start at the account detail level, then drill back to the journal entry, and then from there continue back to the original source document that created the transaction. This makes tracking down confusing or curious entries in the GL as simple as pancakes. The best part is that these Inquiry Zoom labels are littered throughout the entire Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system; which makes drilling into the detail behind transactions (AP application, AR application, Inventory transactions, etc.) a simple and intuitive task. If you have any questions or concerns about how to get to the detail behind the transaction in your accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP is an accounting solution to consider.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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