Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page: Quick Links, My Reports, and More

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The most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics GP includes even more features to the Home Page. First implemented a few versions ago, the Home Page in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps end users find and access the areas of the software that are most important to them. When the system first starts up, users are presented with their individual Home Page that they are able to edit and modify to meet their needs.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP the Home Page continues to assist users with increases in efficiency. The primary areas of the Home Page and what they provide are:

  • To do: This area allows users to create a “to do” list. They have the ability to create notes and assign deadline dates. Even better, they can create tasks and assign them to other users. When the other user logs into Dynamics GP they will get a message about the tasks that have been assigned to them. If you have users that spread out in different areas, this is a tool that can come in handy. Plus, because it saves the information in the system, you no longer have to worry about them forgetting about something that was discussed in a phone call. They can simply check their “to do” area and then update the tasks as completed once finished.
  • Quick Links: All users have certain areas of the software that they frequent more often than others. AP clerks may access the Print Checks windows regularly. AR Clerks may access the Inquiry by Customer ID screens every day. With the Quick Links area users can include shortcuts to the most often used areas of the system. Each user’s Quick Links area is unique to them, so depending on how you use Dynamics GP, you can create the links to the windows that you need to see, be it AP check printing, AR Cash Receipt Entry, or General Ledger Journal Entry. Jumping to the different areas is now just a simple single click away.
  • My Reports: Similar to the Quick Links area, the My Reports area allows end users to list the reports they use most frequently. Maybe the AR Clerk prints the Aged Trial Balance once every couple of days or the Book Keeper prints the Check Register once a week. These reports can be defined and listed in the My Reports area, so users have no problem quickly accessing the reports they use most often. Again, the Home Page (and all the areas on it) are unique per user, so the reports that are important to them can be included without overloading other users with unnecessary links.
  • Metrics: This area is fairly new to the Home Page objects. It contains predefined “metrics” that are assigned when the user selects a Role (AR Clerk, AP Clerk, etc.). For example an AP Clerk may have a metric setup that shows a graphical representation of the outstanding aged payables. An AR Clerk could have a metric that shows the outstanding invoices in aging buckets. These metrics can be added to or reduced, so that users have a graphical representation of the business areas that are most useful to them. Custom metrics can also be created and added to this area if one of the many canned metrics does not provide what you need.
  • Microsoft Outlook: One other area available to users in Dynamics GP is the Microsoft Outlook area. When launched, this area links to the user's Outlook install and displays helpful information. It shows the calendar for the day including any upcoming appointments. This area also gives a review of the current unread emails that exist in the user’s Inbox. This is a nice feature if you have users that do not already have Outlook open throughout the day. From within Dynamics GP they can see how their Outlook calendar looks and if they have any unread emails.

As you can see the Home Page in Dynamics GP gives users several areas which they can customize for themselves. Once they have their links and reports defined, they will be able to easily navigate the system without unnecessary hunting and pecking through menu items. End users are constantly pleased with the Home Page feature and how easy it makes performing their routine tasks. If you have any questions about the Home Page in Dynamics GP, or other areas of the software in which you may be able to find new efficiencies, feel free to contact us at Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc., South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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