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Integration with LOB Applications Fuels Productivity

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Line-of-business (LOB) applications are the software programs that you use to serve the unique needs of your industry. From engineering to health records management to membership services, LOB apps are the specialized applications that support your organization and keep you competitive in your industry.

Loss of efficiency

While LOB applications provide excellent functionality, fulfilling the operational needs of a specific business requirement, they also complicate your data management. The data gathered and stored by the LOB application is not connected to your ERP system.

Summary data often has to be reentered from one system to another, with accompanying loss of detail and productivity. Manual processes to import data from one system to another are error prone and not real time.

The answer is integration

While most ERP systems can be programmed to automatically import information from other systems, it’s usually a costly proposition. That’s not the case with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Integration is one of great strengths of Dynamics GP which offers multiple methods to integrate disparate information.

For example, KTL Solutions recently helped an aviation client integrate Dynamics GP with the Utramain logistics system. Through Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting module, fleet and department costs are tracked and analyzed to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies. With the ability to evaluate comparative data, the aviation company was able to identify warehouse and maintenance facilities that could be consolidated to save significant money with no reduction in service.

KTL Solutions has helped many of our customers improve efficiency through LOB integration with Dynamics GP. Read the Global Aviation case study to read more about the logistics system integration. Let us show you how easy it can be to improve productivity. Call Gary or 866-960-0001.

by KTL Solutions, Washington DC Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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