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We’ve discussed the value of having one business management solution to rule over all areas of your business operations, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add new applications and systems. As your business grows, there will always be a need to expand your technology to stay competitive. The problem arises when you have disparate systems, or ones that do not interface well with each other.  Making them work together puts an increased burden on your IT group, because they are the only ones with enough technology savvy to figure it out.  So, when a new Vice President decides his team needs another application to do their jobs more efficiently, it can cause a few problems.  For one, it creates frustration for the VP because he wanted this done yesterday, and IT is taking forever to get the new application working.  But, there’s also a bigger problem - by using yet another disparate system that does not fully integrate with your other business systems, it can negatively affect customer satisfaction. Lack of integration can lead to mistakes on customer orders, decreased response time, and lost business.

In an ideal world, your business management solution would allow for easy integration of new applications and other systems to avoid these problems. There are connectivity tools designed for this exact purpose, and one of the best is Scribe InsightTM.  We have many clients of different sizes who use Scribe solutions, and it enables them to quickly and easily integrate applications and data sources to prevent duplication of effort and increase data accuracy. Scribe Insight, along with their preconfigured adapters, lets you do this quickly using a point and click interface with no coding required. This allows IT to be more agile and responsive when a new VP needs something, which in turn empowers managers and employees to focus on more strategic initiatives. Other connectivity tools like ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and SQL can also help connect your systems with data sources to keep data pure across multiple access points. For Executives who want to keep their business competitive, you need visibility into all areas of the organization, and these tools can make that happen.  Being able to view your business data holistically is no longer a luxury; it’s a requirement for success.

Since these connectivity tools are only as good as the systems and databases they connect with, the first thing you need to do is get the right solutions in place.  Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions such as Dynamics NAV, GP, AX and CRM can all work with Scribe, web services or SQL to ensure accuracy of data across multiple systems, resulting in increased organizational visibility.  Also, these connectivity tools will work regardless of whether your business management solution is on-premise, in the cloud, or “partly cloudy,” meaning a hybrid of on-premise and the cloud.

Don’t let yourself be limited by the confines of your current technology. To make sure you have the right solutions in place that can interface with each other in an efficient manner, the best starting point is to evaluate all your current processes and systems and identify operational inefficiencies and gaps.  At OmniVue, our unique VueFinderTM approach is designed to do just that.  After all, we believe you should always have a plan before you start renovating your house and knocking down walls.  Let us help you create a roadmap to align technology with your business goals.

By OmniVue, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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