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Finally! No More Fuzzy Images in Dynamics GP Report Writer

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    For too long, we have had to deal with fuzzy or low resolution images when using Dynamics GP Report Writer -- particularly when adding logos on checks or invoices.  This probably wouldn't be an issue if Report Writer supported vector-based formats called EPS files, but it doesn't.  Report Writer needs pixel-based images.  So when adding a logo to your check form or invoice form, you had to convert it to a JPG which isn't as sharp an image file.  We've discovered how to overcome this seeming limitation of Report Writer.  Make it bigger!  The trick is to make sure you have an image file that is large enough in pixels to appear crisp.  As long as you can get a source file that is about 300 pixels per inch, also known as dpi, then you can have that crisp, sharp image you're looking for while still using the pixel-based format.  For example, a 3" x 1" logo would need to be at least 900 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall in JPG format. Oh, but what about the "image too big" limitation in Report Writer you say?  Just be sure to paste the image from your clipboard directly into the Report Writer body, and you'll bypass that in a snap.

    A note:  if you have EPS files and need to convert them to JPEG's or BMP, you'll need something like Photoshop to do so.

    For more information on how to create better looking check forms and invoices in Microsoft Dynamics GP, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll be happy to show you how.

    Ben Borger, Project Manager
    Crestwood Associates LLC - an Illinois Dynamics GP Partner

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    1. Make sure you look at the Knowledge Base Article on this topic.

      How to prevent the image quality of a graphic from being reduced when you print a graphic from Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP


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