Did You Know You Can Get a Microsoft Transition Investment Credit to Move From Dynamics SL (Solomon) to Dynamics GP (Great Plains)?

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Most people know that the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software line now contains 4 products – Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly AX). What many people do not know is that if you are using one of these products, Microsoft will give you a full investment credit if you decide you want to move to another Dynamics ERP product. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics enhancement plan benefits and it is called the Product Line Transition.

In the past few years we have had several clients move from Dynamics SL to Dynamics GP. While Dynamics SL is still a solid core financials system, in recent years the new releases of the product have been focused on the project accounting features. Many companies who installed Dynamics SL many years ago, who are not in the professional services industry, have found that Dynamics SL is no longer the best fit for their needs. We have replaced Dynamics SL for several staffing companies who now use Dynamics GP. As well as several distribution companies. One example of this is Thor, a Shelton, Connecticut based manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals. They were using Dynamics SL for 10 years but were several versions behind. They were faced with the expense of a major upgrade or switching to a new system that better fit their distribution business.

Thor saw that Dynamics SL was going in the direction of the service industry while Dynamics GP was focused more on distribution and manufacturing which is their core competency. Robert Boyle, Controller for Thor commented, “We did look at other distribution packages. I'm familiar with others from past experience. It just looked like it was a much easier path to go from Dynamics SL to Dynamics GP than it was to go to somebody else's product. And the cost was also down thanks to the way Microsoft offered the product transition credit”

Dynamics GP was a better fit in terms of functionality but the product transition credit was the key! Thor received a full investment credit for the value of their Dynamics SL system to use toward the license cost of Dynamics GP. Since the products are in the same price range, this made the balance of the license cost of Dynamics GP very low.

But an interesting part of the Thor story is that they talked to several Microsoft partners about the move to Dynamics GP and CAL Business Solutions was the only one who told them they qualified for the investment credit and was able to correctly calculate the discount for them. Did other partners not know about this long standing option from Microsoft or did they just choose not to tell the client, since it would mean less money for them on the sale? I don’t know the answer to that. They were either uninformed or dishonest, either way it is not the type of company I would personally want as a business partner. Thor chose to work with CAL Business Solutions to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad because CAL had the distribution experience Thor needed and helped them save money by suggesting the Microsoft Dynamics product model transition offer to receive a full credit for Thor’s investment in Dynamics SL. “The deciding factor in choosing Dynamics GP and CAL Business Solutions was the investment credit. No other Microsoft partner seemed to be able to calculate this credit for us. Plus, CAL had the ability to train and support us the way we needed,” according to Robert Boyle, Controller, Thor.

How did the controller at Thor know to call CAL Business Solutions.? He had met George Mackiewicz, the owner of CAL, at a presentation three years before. It did not work out for them to do business together at that time, but he was impressed enough by George’s presentation that he kept his card. I think all of us at one time have met someone that we just instinctively knew we could trust. Over and over again I have seen George have that impact on people.

Read the full Thor case study: Specialty Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor Easily Handles 40% Growth Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics® GP with SalesPad.

CAL Business Solutions has a reputation of honesty and integrity and working hard to help our clients save money. We actively promote every Dynamics GP discount that comes along, even when others choose not to. Some people were surprised that we published many of our money saving tips in a white paper called “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”. In the case of Thor, this honesty helped us win the business. It always makes me happy when the good guy comes out ahead.

So if you are using a Microsoft Dynamics product and are considering moving to another product- make sure you get the details of the Microsoft Product Model Transition Investment credit first. Transition Investment Credits are one of the benefits every Dynamics customer pays for as part of their annual maintenance fee. (In other words, you must be current on your Business Ready Enhancement Plan in order to do this). Give CAL a call at 860-485-0910, we’ll tell you about it.

By CAL Business Solutions, An honest Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner serving Connecticut and Southern New England.

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