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Convergence 2012 Buzz Around Management Reporter 2012

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As you might know, Microsoft's largest user conference, Convergence took place this week with record attendance topping 10,000.  Management Reporter 2012 was much-anticipated and some of its features are going to really get you excited (well, as excited as you can be about ERP Financial Reporting software).   I was going to miss my FRx (the current financial reporting tool for Dynamics), but with MR 2012, I think I'll miss it a little less.

Check out the details on the next release of Management Reporter (the future for any Dynamics users on FRx).

Management Reporter 2012 new features overview

Report Design Flexibility

  1. Quickly identify accounts/dimensions that have been omitted from report building blocks
  2. Format headers for rolling forecasts
  3. Easily save and reuse dimension combinations when designing reports
  4. Control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed

Financial Report Collaboration

  1. Usability enhancements to make Report Groups more discoverable by providing access from the navigation pane.
  2. Schedule reports to generate on a periodic basis.
  3. Publish to a read-only (.XPS) report format.
  4. Publish reports to multiple Microsoft SharePoint® or any network location.
  5. Publish a personalized Microsoft Excel® (.xlsx) file.
  6. Personalized and secured view of data for all output types.
  7. E-mail reports via SharePoint alerts.
  8. E-mail a link to a report from within the Report Viewer.

Interactive Report Viewing

  1. Quickly create a chart based upon selected report rows and columns.
  2. Locate key features in Report Viewer with an enhanced toolbar.
  3. Jump to key areas of the report for fast analysis.
  4. Find a key value in a report, such as an account value or description.
  5. Easily page within a report.
  6. Add comments to important rows in a report version.
  7. Copy comments from one version of a report to another.
  8. Collaborate on a report by providing a link to the current report and selected row when launching an instant messenger client from within a report.

Deeper Microsoft ERP Integration

  1. Drill from account and budget balances on a report to related information.
  2. Display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports.
  3. Automatically integrate company information.

If you're intrigued, sign up for our upcoming MR vs FRx webinar.  Happy Reporting!

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