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Three Reasons Why ERP Software is a Must for Financial Management

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can do a number of things for your business. One of its main perks is the financial management capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics® ERP software improves financial management in the following three ways:

  1. Compliancy: It’s not a great feeling having the IRS look over your shoulder, threatening the life of your business. No body wants to cut corners or fudge numbers when it comes to your finances, but sometimes you just don’t have access to the information you need. Microsoft Dynamics ERP software ensures you have tracking capabilities and audit trails so you’re never put in a bad situation. You can trust the numbers and have confidence that the IRS won’t find discrepancies.
  2. Accurate Financial Positioning: Not knowing where you stand financially can put numerous halts on business. This makes it difficult to make informed business decisions that affect the sustainability of your company. Microsoft Dynamics ERP software helps you see where you stand with easy-to-read and easy-to-analyze dashboards and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports. You’ll no longer be making “Best Guesses” about your business, thus putting you ahead of the competition.
  3. Reducing Accounting Overhead: Most companies don’t realize the overhead they acquire within their accounting department because of manual procedures. They figure that’s how it’s always been done and it seems to be working. Many companies are realizing that Microsoft Dynamics ERP cuts down unnecessary overhead because it automates daily accounting tasks and integrates with third party software. It would be wise to run a “what if” scenario of how ERP software can actually save you money, just by cutting back resources.

Every business needs a tool to help manage their finances. This can vary from Excel Spreadsheets to an advanced ERP system such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but whatever your situation, make sure you have your financial management in check. If you have questions on how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you, contact us at Sikich.

By Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner based out of Missouri

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