The Future of Intelligent ERP Solutions

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In a recent series of blog posts, I have provided insight on how to uncover the real value of ERP for midsized companies including how to approach removing paper from the accounting process, strategies to ease communication with vendors and customers, ensuring CIOs ask the right questions before investing in new technology and best practices for implementing a MetaViewer-enabled AP automation solution.

In this final installment of this series, we ask, what does the future hold for organizations that are implementing intelligent ERP solutions, such as MetaViewer-enabled Paperless ERP?

As companies continue to integrate digital data with their work processes, solutions like MetaViewer are likely to find fans in more areas of the business.  For example, human resources departments may progress from simply scanning their employee packets to digitally storing and grouping all types of documents associated with individual employees, from W4 forms to performance reviews and benefit enrollment forms.  Those forms can be preserved in electronic form for a designated retention period and retrieved as needed.  Legal departments may appreciate the security of a product like the MetaViewer solution for preserving highly sensitive information, as well.

Throughout midsized companies, a solution like MetaViewer-enabled Paperless ERP is certain to keep evolving and enhancing processes to help businesses become more productive and efficient and to streamline their growth into new geographies, products and services.

- Nick Sprau, Metafile Information Systems, Inc.

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