Nucleus Research Report: The Value of Microsoft Dynamics AX For Manufacturers

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Plenty of manufacturers already know the benefits offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta), but Nucleus Research confirmed this in their report, The Value of Microsoft Dynamics AX For Manufacturers. Its findings strongly indicate that Microsoft Dynamics AX is a valuable business management application for manufacturers, one that increases visibility, drives higher margins, boosts productivity, reduces costs, and raises the quality of business operations.

People expect an ERP system to handle financials well. Business intelligence, reporting, and service management all come with the territory, but Microsoft Dynamics AX adds value in areas uniquely important to manufacturers. With tools for everything from logistics to warehouse management, you can comfortably demand more from your ERP system when Microsoft Dynamics AX is involved.

With role-based interfaces, each employee in your business gets exactly the information needed and knows exactly what data needs to be shared. This eliminates the guesswork and passing of the buck that tends to occur in businesses that struggle with organization. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides greater visibility so that people in the position to make decisions can see a holistic view of their businesses and understand exactly what is working and what needs improvement.

Manufacturing is all about productivity. In the old days, a chair maker might spend days on a single chair and use the proceeds from that chair to feed his family. Today, we speak in terms of hundreds or even thousands of units, and there is always demand for more. With task prioritization and role centers to help organize information into the appropriate portions for those who need it, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you multiply your productivity numbers. ERT Group’s Manufacturing solutions offer integrated, adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organizations and divisions of large enterprises. These integrated solutions help automate and improve financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management.

Every industry has its unique attributes, and those involving manufacturing are no different. Microsoft recognizes that and has developed Microsoft Dynamics AX to adapt and flourish in a myriad of manufacturing environments. Our customer, CMC Group, is one example of a consumer goods manufacturer that improved their productivity with an ERP software upgrade. Read the Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturing case study for CMC Group.

You can find Microsoft Dynamics AX demos, webcasts and white papers on the ERT Group website.

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