Microsoft's Cloud Expert Kati Hvidtfeldt Shares Exclusive Insight with Myappsanywhere

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Starting today, join us all week to find out what Kati Hvidtfeldt, Senior Director and U.S. ERP Cloud Lead for Microsoft Corporation U.S. Dynamics, thinks about the shift toward cloud computing. We will post new points from our interview with Hvidtfeldt every day, and we encourage you to share your thoughts on Partner and client anxieties, the benefits of early adoption, finding a good Partner and more. Join our discussion on the Myappsanywhere Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates. Want to see the whole interview? Sign up for our newsletter!

Cloud computing is on the rise, and businesses are taking notice. Between growth in professional use, the potential savings and the number of sophisticated applications available, selling—and buying—the cloud is easier than ever. Nonetheless, many Channel Partners and their clients have apprehensions about the transition to cloud technology. In an effort to address Partner apprehensions, the Myappsanywhere team sought advice for overcoming apprehensions during an exclusive interview with Hvidtfeldt. Hvidtfeldt’s weather report predicts plenty of cloud movement in the coming years, as well as a few storms for late adopters. To Hvidtfeldt, a cloud expert whose 20 years in the IT industry have taken her through product management, product marketing, consulting, training and sales leadership, it’s clear that support for cloud computing is gathering.

Tune in to our Myappsanywhere Facebook page for today’s topic: Are you feeling overwhelmed by the cloud? And don’t forget to join us tomorrow to learn how the “wait-and-see” approach might be damaging to your business!

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