Microsoft Dynamics GP Meets the Challenges of the Lumber Industry

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For years the lumber industry has been faced with a competitive landscape and razor thin margins. Over the past 23 years InterDyn Artis has witnessed the software challenges of the lumber industry to maximize profitability, by controlling costs, improving productivity, and enhancing communication between departments, vendors, and customers. Our lumber clients shared with us that the lumber industry needs to have a focused, virtually real time view of every department of their business allowing them to see exactly where their business stands, from procurement, inventory, sawmill, kiln, sales, and distribution – and allowing them to make timely, effective decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.

InterDyn Artis has the Microsoft Dynamics GP expertise needed to help their lumber clients meet these challenges. One of our Microsoft Dynamics GP clients, Edwards Wood Products (Edwards), founded in 1969 and headquartered in Marshville, North Carolina has grown into a premier lumber business operation with 5 locations throughout South Central North Carolina. Their business operations consist of procurement of forest properties, transportation to/from the mill, complete mill operations, pallet manufacturing, kiln drying/grading, and distribution of high grade hardwood lumber for domestic and overseas markets.

As a smaller business Edwards found RealWorld to be a satisfactory system but as their business grew the RealWorld system just did not cut it. Because of this growth and complexity, Edwards began an evaluation of its business solution and decided it wanted a more powerful, higher-end solution. After a review of multiple industry specific solutions, Edwards decided that a foundation built around industry leading Microsoft Dynamics was the right choice.

Before Microsoft Dynamics GP, month-end closings were difficult to complete and very time consuming. One of the main reasons Edwards looked to a new solution was for financial reporting needs. With RealWorld, financial reports weren’t being completed thoroughly or in a timely manner, causing considerable concern for Edwards’ executive management who needed to make critical decisions based on the company’s finances.

Financial statements for all business operations as completed by location, division, and work center were prerequisites of a new software package. Microsoft Dynamics GP met and exceeded expectations from a reporting standpoint.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, Edwards has established a core business system foundation that has dramatically increased the efficiency of the operations by automating data flow and reducing manual labor. Other benefits include:

  • Financial Reports: Management Reporter has significantly lessened the time spent waiting for financial reports. Critical business information is retreived in minutes—these reports were unobtainable with RealWorld and had to be completed as a separate process within Excel. Edwards saved aproximately 2 days each month by automating the preparation of its financial statements.
  • Intuitiveness: As a user-friendly system, employees quickly adapted to Microsoft Dynamics GP after the implementation with virtually no downtime. In fact, employees were able to generate much better reports in considerably less time.
  • Daily Processing: Microsoft Dynamics GP has provided a vast improvement in the day-to-day processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and collections. What previously had been a multi-step process is now a very simple process, saving both time and effort. Edwards saved an estimated 40 hours per month by automating accounts receivable.
  • Labor Rededication: Employees who were dedicated to running RealWorld and generating reports in Excel are now focused on profit generating opportunities within Edwards.

Watch a short video of Edwards Wood Products and learn how Microsoft Dynamics GP gave them the edge to remain competitive in today’s lumber market.

Today’s software must be designed and deployed with industry-specific needs and functionality. InterDyn Artis, a Microsoft Dynamics partner located in Charlotte North Carolina, provides the lumber industry with tailored Microsoft business solutions that extend far beyond the robust accounting functionality found in Microsoft Dynamics GP. By integrating logging, lumber inventory, time clocks, equipment maintenance, and other systems, InterDyn Artis has knitted a best of breed technology. Contact InterDyn Artis today and let us help you become competitive in today’s lumber market with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

by InterDyn Artis, North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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