Cloud Computing – The Small Business Revolution

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The Clouds Are Gathering

Businesses are learning that operations are best run by top-notch technology, and cloud computing is driving the move toward efficiency in companies of all sizes. For small and mid-size businesses, tapping into the power of the cloud is their secret weapon for success.

 Until cloud computing, small and mid-size companies simply did not have access to Fortune 500 network infrastructure, enterprise class ERP systems and other software applications. The internet has helped smaller companies close the gap in services, but the evolution of cloud computing has been a business game changer. Through its ease of access, low cost and plethora of services, cloud computing is enabling Mom-and-Pop businesses to compete with the upper echelon of Corporate America.

 “Cloud computing is to small business what cutting the coiled telephone cord was to cell phone users,” says Walt Lane, president of Myappsanywhere. Lane’s U.S.-based business is a leading Microsoft Dynamics cloud service provider focused on delivering business solutions via cloud technology.  “Now, businesses are free to stay connected, share and access critical information from anywhere, and employ applications that make business life easier.”

 At the root of this phenomenon is the transformation from the traditional model, wherein businesses purchased hardware and software, to a leaner model, where computing power is delivered as a service. In this model, receiving computing power from the cloud is like receiving electricity from the power grid. Just as electric companies have eliminated the need for generating personal electricity via water pumps or drills, cloud computing eliminates the need for managing your company’s business technology. Development and maintenance of your computing power becomes the responsibility of your service provider.

 Cloud computing is providing businesses with advantages that can help them outpace competitors and streamline their operations, often with big savings—Myappsanywhere customers regularly record nearly $100,000 in IT savings over three years with the cloud. The cloud enables businesses to cut costs by eliminating capital expenditures for hardware and software, decrease time spent on IT, customize the scale of their IT, and ensure that critical data is protected.

 Cloud computing also provides on-demand network access to shared resources via any internet connection. Laptops and desktop computers no longer have to do the “heavy lifting” of running applications, storing information, and maintaining secure connections. Employees can retrieve valuable information from anywhere on any device—including their tablets, phones, or home computer.


The prospect of cutting costs by eliminating hardware purchases, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance fees is appealing, but cloud computing offers more than sticker-price savings. In a study examining cloud computing’s appeal, the London School of Economics found that many believed the best benefit of cloud computing was that it allowed them to focus on transforming business operations rather than on IT. With the cloud, service providers take care of all ongoing maintenance, repairs, software upgrades, and problem resolution.  Because the service provider is investing more money and expertise in their solutions than the business could replicate on-site, the cloud typically offers a more secure and reliable delivery of computing capability. Plus, with the cloud, critical business data is securely stored in a remote location and automatically backed up, thus virtually eliminating the risk of losing important data due to disasters like fire, theft, employee error, or fatal equipment failure.


The Cloud Will Transform Business as We Know It:  The Secret’s In the Source

To What Extent Do the Following Aspects of the Cloud Value Proposition Appeal, as it Pertains to Your Job? Answer Selected:  Appeals to a Great Extent:

  What’s Your Cloud?

Another major benefit of cloud computing is that services can be easily customized. The joy of cloud computing is that you don’t have to understand all elements of the process—your Microsoft Dynamics Channel Partner can help determine what you need for operations and how to access everything via a simple icon link. Businesses with aging equipment, seasonal variations, rapid growth, new locations or a need for remote access reap great rewards from the cloud. Young companies are also good candidates, as the cloud eliminates a large portion of a company’s initial investments.

 Myappsanywhere’s Lane offers several yardsticks for measuring a potential cloud service provider. First, Lane recommends providers that are established enough to have worked out system bugs. Find out if the provider is prepared to make the necessary investments to their infrastructure as their business grows. Lane also recommends going with a provider that has a robust, multifaceted system in place to monitor, manage, and maintain the network and applications, as this will help remediate problems before they become unmanageable. Check, too, to see what sort of outage history the provider has and whether or not you can count on the network to be up and running at critical times. Don’t forget to look at Service Level Agreements, HIPAA, FFIEC, and other regulatory requirements. Ask about data: do you own the data or do they? Do you care if your data is stored overseas?

 Cloud computing works best when it works for you. When you’re ready, select a provider that offers a fair price and applications that will keep your business humming along. Visit or contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner to learn more about working in the cloud.

 About Myappsanywhere:

Myappsanywhere is the preferred cloud computing solution for most Microsoft Dynamics users who want reliable enterprise class infrastructure without the cost or the maintenance hassle.  With Myappsanywhere cloud computing, you pay month-to-month on a per user basis.  There are no user minimums or contract periods so you can scale up or down as needed based upon business growth or seasonality.  You can incorporate a variety of the familiar Microsoft solutions such as Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook and Office along with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Myappsanywhere is celebrating its 5th year as a cloud service provider with no planned outages, offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee backed by financial SLA’s and stores your data securely in its privately owned, US based, SSAE 16 compliant secure data center facilities.

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