Best Practices in Using Accounting Automation Technology that Integrates with ERP Solutions.

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In our last blog post, we discussed questions executives should ask when determining the value of implementing new accounting technology, such as a MetaViewer-enabled paperless ERP solution.

We will now take a look at the best practices we have gleaned over the years from work with our customers as they implement accounting automation technology (like MetaViewer) that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions:

  • Encourage vendors to move away from paper and toward an electronic format by creating purchasing documents in a digital form from the start. Electronic invoices can be saved in PDF format so that they can’t be altered, and then emailed to the company.
  • Review the company’s processes to ensure that they are truly efficient. Automating a bad process simply makes a bad process faster.
  • Centralize accounts payable processes. All vendors should send their invoices to a central office so that individual branches don’t need to manage the documents.
  • Standardize the company’s review and approval process so that everyone can follow the same procedures and new employees will have workable guidelines.
  • Automate what can be automated and streamline the rest. In cases where purchasing or receiving does not have strict rules on a process, such as three-way matching, automating may be difficult and the process should instead be simplified and standardized to the extent possible.
  • Don’t try to make the initial implementation too large. Consider streamlining certain processes in phase 1, automating in phase 2, and streamlining and automating another area in phase 3. Once staff members have seen what the technology can do in its early stages, they will envision other areas where it can be used, and future phases likely will be easier to implement.
  • Plan to expand the Paperless ERP solution to other parts of the organization that currently maintain paper-based processes. This will help to more easily gain management approval and will maximize the company’s investment in its state-of-the-art document management system.

Last and most importantly, get executive leadership involved and show them how they can gain visibility and business intelligence with the solution. They should be able to see ways that processes have improved, discounts gained, and productivity increased for invoice processing and other data.

-Nick Sprau, Metafile Information Systems


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