70 Dynamics GP Sessions at Convergence 2012 Are Not Just for Dynamics Customers

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Convergence is the annual Microsoft Dynamics customer event but it is NOT just for Microsoft Dynamics customers. If you are considering a Microsoft Dynamics purchase, Convergence is the place for you. You can talk to customers and ask them about their real life experiences. You can see the product in action and see what is coming up. I honestly think you can just tell from the “vibe” in the room if this is a good product or not. This year Convergence 2012 is in Houston, Texas from March 18-21st. (Plus, if you are a “prospective customer” you get a special colored badge and everyone is REALLY nice to you.)

But Convergence is focused on all the Dynamics product lines – Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM.

If you are specifically interested in buying Dynamics GP will there be enough there for you to see? Yes, there are at least 70 sessions at Convergence 2012 that are focused on Dynamics GP. You could not possibly see them all in the three days. There is nowhere else you could learn so much about the product in one place. PLUS there are hundreds of ISV sponsors who offer add on products to the Dynamics products. In the ISV expo of the 275 ISV booths there are 151 add on products for Dynamics GP represented at Convergence 2012. One of them might just have that specific industry niche feature you need and that has kept you on the fence about upgrading your ERP software system.

Here is a list of the Dynamics GP sessions I found in the Convergence 2012 catalog:

  1. 101 Ways to Use Dimensions in Management Reporter
  2. 20 HR & Payroll Tips & Tricks
  3. 50 More Tips & Tricks Financials for Dynamics GP
  4. 50 Tips for Closing the Month Faster with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  5. 50 Tips in 50 Minutes Creating & Maintaining a Stable Environment
  6. 50 Tips in 50 Minutes Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP
  7. Administering Microsoft Dynamics GP Like a Pro with the Support Debugging Tool
  8. Advanced Budgeting & Planning with Microsoft Forecaster
  9. Advanced Report Development & Deployment of Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  10. Ask The Experts 13 Classic Under-Used Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  11. Ask the Experts Financials for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  12. Ask the Experts Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft SharePoint
  13. Ask the Experts Security in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  14. Ask Your Peers Human Resources & Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  15. Ask Your Peers SmartList with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  16. Ask Your Peers Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP
  17. Ask Your Peers Year End Closing in Dynamics GP
  18. Budgeting with Microsoft Forecaster
  19. Budgeting with Microsoft Forecaster Customer Insights
  20. Deep Dive into Financial Reporting with Management Reporter
  21. Dynamics GP General Session
  22. Excel Based & Native Budgeting for Dynamics GP
  23. Excel Report Builder for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  24. Extending & Customizing Your Microsoft Dynamics Solution with Connector
  25. Financial Reporting with Management Reporter
  26. Fixed Assets for Microsoft Dynamics GP Today & Tomorrow
  27. Getting Financial Reports Out Efficiently with Management Reporter
  28. Getting More with Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Dynamics GP
  29. Going Beyond Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Alerts
  30. How2 Management Reporter - Migrating from Microsoft FRx
  31. How2 Microsoft FRx to the Next Level
  32. How2 System Maintenance
  33. Improving Your Financial, Operational & Customer Services Teams' Productivity with CRM & ERP
  34. Installing & Troubleshooting Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  35. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics
  36. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  37. Integrating Microsoft SharePoint & Dynamics GP
  38. Introduction to Business Portal for Dynamics GP
  39. Making Microsoft Dynamics GP Material Requirements Planning Work for You
  40. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 & SQL Reporting Services in Action for Advanced Users
  41. Microsoft Dynamics GP for Healthcare
  42. Microsoft Dynamics GP for Not-For-Profit Organizations
  43. Microsoft Dynamics GP for the Public Sector
  44. Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll & HR Toolbox
  45. Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Administration with the Support Debugging Tool
  46. Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender Advanced
  47. Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender Introduction
  48. Microsoft Forecaster Improving Your Forecasting Process While Avoiding Microsoft Excel Pitfalls
  49. Performance Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics
  50. Security Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  51. Taking Advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn for Microsoft Dynamics
  52. The Best of 50 Tips in 50 Minutes for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  53. The New Microsoft Dynamics GP Administrator
  54. The Road to Microsoft Dynamics GP '12'
  55. The Worst Mistakes You Can Make with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  56. Transitioning to Management Reporter from FRx
  57. Troubleshooting Project Accounting & Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  58. Troubleshooting the Finance Module
  59. Turning Data into Answers with Microsoft Dynamics GP & Microsoft Excel
  60. Unleashing the Power of Office Excel Refreshable Reports & the Office Excel Report Builder in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  61. Using Business Analyzer for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  62. Using Microsoft Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  63. Using SmartList Builder Effectively with Microsoft Dynamics GP
  64. Using SmartList Builder for Way More Than Just Lists of Data
  65. Using SmartList Builder to Query Data, Manage Workflow & Write Management Reports
  66. What to Do When Something Goes Wrong with Human Resources & Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  67. What's New in Management Reporter 2012?
  68. What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  69. Where do the Experts Turn for Answers?
  70. Word Up! Learn How to Setup and Use Microsoft Office Word Templates and Email in Dynamics GP 2010

PLUS: Keynotes, Hands On Labs, ISV Expo, Networking, Receptions and more……

One of our customers, a Connecticut distributor using Microsoft Dynamics GP, gave some great tips on how to get the most out of convergence. Robert Boyle from THOR says:

“Before Convergence I sit down with each of my teams and compile their wish lists. At Convergence I can talk to all of the vendors who could possibly assist in improving our system in a very short period of time. I’m too busy to be calling multiple vendors over several months. Instead, I walk in with a list of questions and I walk out with a list of solutions. Attending Convergence is the best way I can spend my time.” More from Robert Boyle: How a Connecticut Distribution Company Prepares Their Convergence Wish List

Read the full Thor case study: Specialty Chemical Manufacturer and Distributor Easily Handles 40% Growth Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics® GP with SalesPad.

Are you considering an ERP software purchase? Do you have a Microsoft Dynamics GP wish list? Make it come true at Convergence 2012 in Houston, Texas March 18-21. Get more details on Convergence 2012

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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