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5 Areas CFOs Need to Research Before Deciding on Cloud ERP

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    The cloud is everywhere. Turn on the TV, pick up a magazine, or go anywhere on the web, and you are bound to run into it. The inescapable presence of cloud computing is not necessarily indicative of market demand. Most companies are still using on-premise solutions for ERP and other software. But the hype does indicate a trend, one that is worth taking some time to ask the tough questions about.

    CFOs are in a unique position to make decisions about technology spending, and when it comes to cloud ERP solutions, there are a myriad of questions they should ask. The new white paper“35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About Software In the Cloud”, provides some insightful answers to the critical questions many CFOs have been asking or should be asking.

    CFOs need to know:

    1. ...what all the terminology means. “Cloud computing”, “SaaS”, “PaaS”, “virtualization”, “IaaS”, “public cloud”, “private cloud”, “hybrid cloud”, many other terms may be common for IT professionals, but CFOs need to know them too.

    2. much cloud ERP really costs. Those in favor claim it will help you save big, while those opposed claim it will only put you in debt. The truth lies somewhere in between.

    3. ...what effect it will have on your IT department. Moving to the cloud will dramatically alter the way IT staff operates.

    4. ...if cloud ERP can be secure and scalable. Will it buckle under pressure? Will the world have a free window into your vault of trade secrets?

    5. ...about compatibility. Will it work with current on-premise software? Can it be integrated?

    These questions only scratch the surface, but this new white paper provides you with thoughtful answers to these and many other questions that are critical for CFOs to answer before they make decisions that will affect the long-term success of their companies.

    Download: 35 Questions Every CFO Needs to Ask About Software In the Cloud from and then contact us to review your specific business needs. 1-800-MIBAR-4-U delivers Microsoft Dynamics based business solutions and services to small and midmarket customers, specifically within the Manufacturing, Distribution, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, Retail, and eCommerce industries. If you have outgrown your current accounting software, and are reviewing ERP software options, on-premise and in the cloud, can help.

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