Study Suggests Younger Execs Would Rather Quit Than Work With Complicated ERP Software

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In all of your job interviews, how often has a question about your proficiency at working with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software come up? Chances are, it never has, and that should not be surprising. ERP software is supposed to make things easier for the employees, not require them to get extra degrees just to understand it.

A recent survey reported on by ComputerWorld suggests that some employees who have used complicated ERP systems are even willing to switch jobs just to get away from them. Others take less drastic but still damaging approaches, such as opting for Excel spreadsheets or even free cloud-based spreadsheet apps rather than using their overwhelmingly complicated ERP systems.

The truth is, many of these workers are not just being rebellious. Plenty of them truly do not understand how to use their ERP software, nor do they see the benefits. For the executives who hired them, it is a bit disturbing, especially considering how much money they have invested in ERP. It also creates risk when employees are working outside of the established system.

Far too many employees also develop elaborate workarounds to cope with ERP systems that are inadequate and incapable of doing the tasks that need work. These workarounds often cost organizations time and money that could be better spent.

For an ERP system to be effective, usability must be a primary concern. An ERP system with a multitude of flashy tech features does users little good if it is too complicated for them to use. On the other hand, ERP that is familiar to employees who use applications like Excel, makes training easier and provides users with proven usability to keep them engaged.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP products are easy to learn and easy to use – because they look and feel like Microsoft products you use every day. Plus Dynamics ERP products have the tightest integration to Microsoft Office (including Excel) so your workers can still use the applications they love.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our case study of an Avon, Connecticut based professional services company using Microsoft Dynamics GP. Their controller said, “When we hire someone new, I don't make Dynamics GP experience a pre-requisite because it's so easy to learn; we can just train the right person. It's intuitive and user friendly.”

Don’t lose your best employees because of complicated ERP software. Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Connecticut

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