Study Confirms Manufacturing ERP Software Users Require Industry-Tailored Functionality

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In some ways, businesses are like people. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They have varying needs and a myriad of complicated problems. Just as each person needs his or her own specific diet, medicine, and profession, each business needs enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that has been tailored to fit just right. According to a study by Mint Jutras, 67 percent of ERP users want industry-specific functionality.

Most ERP users are painfully aware of this reality. They know their businesses, and they also know when business management software falls short of meeting the demands and achieving the goals laid out in the business plan and vision. The result of this incongruity is often a series of workarounds, self-made patches, and expensive third-party customizations that turn a polished-looking ERP system into a hybrid beast that would make Frankenstein envious.

The study, which surveyed 340 manufacturing executives, found that 67 percent of them required industry-specific functionality, and even those surveyed who did not require it still desired it. Of those 67 percent, they were 12 percent less likely to purchase ERP, presumably because they had trouble finding software that could be customized to fit their industries.

66 percent of the manufacturers who required industry-specific functionality resorted to using multiple applications to carry the load that a single ERP solution was unable to manage. This can lead to other problems down the road, especially if the hodgepodge of software systems were not intended to function together. Future upgrades may very well break compatibility, leaving the company that uses them in a bind.

This is where Dynamics GP with Vicinity Manufacturing comes in. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a solid system for core financials. But when formula-based manufacturing companies need industry specific functionality they don’t have to reinvent the wheel or try to customize from scratch. They can add the Vicinity Manufacturing product. This is a stable, tested add on for Dynamics GP that provides the exact functionality needed by formula based manufacturers.

Vicinity solves the unique challenges of formula-based manufacturing—particularly the chemical, food, and beverage industries—by allowing all users to share data in a centralized system.

Don’t be one of the statistics, be one of the winners. If you looking for industry specific ERP software for formula based manufacturing call Vicinity Manufacturing.

By Vicinity Manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics and Formula Based Manufacturing - The new standard for formula-based manufacturing software.

1 thought on “Study Confirms Manufacturing ERP Software Users Require Industry-Tailored Functionality”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Randy – one-size ERP does NOT fit all. While there are certainly some industries and businesses that can use Microsoft Dynamics (or any other accounting and financial systems, for that matter) right out-of-the-box, there are many that would struggle without a vertical, industry-specific add-on to help meet their unique industry needs.

    Your solution for the process manufacturing industry is one such example, as are Tensoft’s solutions for the software/SaaS industry or semiconductor industry. We’ve seen plenty of very frustrated prospects and existing Microsoft Dynamics customers who’ve been ready to move to another ERP system until they found our solutions for their industry.

    VARs with a realistic appreciation of how much this can help their customers are more rare than you would think, but the really good ones recognize that helping their customers benefits them too!

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