Processing Mobile Online Sales Transactions from Your E-Commerce Site Directly Into Your ERP System

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Whether you are sending emails through your mobile phone, updating your Facebook status while you are at a coffee shop or getting directions to that important business meeting, the smartphone has changed the way many of us interact with each other, especially how we make purchasing decisions and shop. Instead of driving to a physical store or logging on to a computer, purchases can be made almost instantly from anywhere through a phone or tablet.

Mobile commerce takes e-commerce to a new level of convenience and allows shoppers the ability to browse and buy through their phones or tablets. In a study by Forrester Research in 2011, U.S. mobile commerce is expected to reach $31 billion by 2016. Here are a couple ways in which mobile commerce can help your businesses:

Processing Mobile Online Sales Transactions from Your E-Commerce Site Directly Into Your ERP System

Combined with the right e-commerce software and ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, mobile commerce can work seamlessly with your e-commerce website to process online sales transactions. In addition, any changes to price or inventory made in Microsoft Dynamics GP will automatically be changed on your mobile site simplifying maintenance and saving time. This can also empower your salespeople allowing them to make sales at anytime from anywhere and process the orders directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Capturing the Mobile Audience and Optimizing the Browsing Experience for Shoppers

Making sure your website is “mobile-friendly” with easy navigation is key to building a positive mobile shopping experience and increasing mobile browsing viewer traffic. Sites that are not optimized properly for mobile phone environments will ultimately capture fewer sales because it will more difficult to checkout. Mobile sites that are properly set up to display on a browser are typically scaled down in comparison so the site can load faster and information is easier to navigate.

Mobile Store Comparison
A comparison of a regular e-commerce site vs. a mobile version.

For more information on mobile e-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP view our PDF.

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