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More than Half of Midsized Companies Cannot Afford to Change ERP Software – What is the Solution?

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According to a recent study, over half (55%) of mid-market companies cannot afford to change their ERP software to fit their business needs, whether the changes involve data or businesses processes. This is largely because such changes require extensive customization projects done by outside consultants. Extensive customization projects can get very expensive, very quickly.

Making changes to a business critical software program like the ERP system also takes time. This can slow down or even temporarily halt business productivity, which can indirectly cost a company even more money. As a result, many companies would rather find workarounds than actual solutions, even if those workarounds are convoluted and require employees to jump through hoops to get their jobs done correctly. As those workaround pile up, businesses eventually find themselves in a quagmire that is difficult to escape.


Not all businesses have this problem. Those that have chosen ERP systems with customizable features and flexibility to meet industry specific business requirements enjoy the peace of mind of having precisely what they want without having to pay a fortune to get it.  This is the case with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP have a wide range of customization options at their disposal.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is built on the highly flexible SQL platform and has several customization tools available. An experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP partner can find often find ways to adjust the system and stay within a realistic budget.


If you are looking for some specific functionality that is not in the system, you don’t necessarily need to resort to customization. Stay away from that source code. It would likely be much less expensive, and much safer, to choose from one of the hundreds of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners for Microsoft Dynamics GP. These companies write add on products designed to enhance the system, so that it exactly fits your needs. If you want to do it, chances are someone else has wanted to do it too.


If you are tired of workarounds and want a flexible accounting/ERP system that works the way you want it to, contact us at REACH-Solutions at (501) 664-1180.


By REACH-Solutions, Arkansas Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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