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JOGG into 2012: How to Mobilize Your Productivity

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The biggest, smallest, computing trend now sits in the palm of our hand – the mobile application. And, still, some companies fail to see the huge significance of these apps. They are changing the way we manage our productivity and even how we conduct our business. They have released us from the office and set us free.

The Smart Phone and Tablet are now fully matured computing devices which can be more expensive than an entry level laptop. And it is these devices, along with the mobile apps, that are creating the largest competitive change in both hardware sales and ERP applications.

The mobile app is architected differently than the desktop applications we access through a VPN and our need for simplicity and connectivity has created a new paradigm for doing business and this, in turn, has forced major design changes in the User Interface -  Quick, responsive, and practical.

The objective in creating new technology for ERP is to improve productivity and organizational efficiency. That is where JOGG comes in. This product brings our day-to-day productivity to our fingertips no matter where we are. It makes us more agile and allows us to connect and collaborate on the fly.

We already have the ability for accessing appointments and contacts through Microsoft Exchange via our smart phone or tablet so why not extend this to be able to record our project-based time-and-attendance with confidence that is provided by the back end security rules in ERP?

And this is just the beginning, because in the future every ERP scenario will have a mobile equivalent to help you and me along the way.

Want to know more? Join us for an in-depth demo of JOGG brought to you by Solugenix on February 8. The demo will take a look at how time-and-attendance, management approvals and expense reporting tie seamlessly into AX. Make 2012 your time to escape the boundaries of the office and be free.

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by Solugenix, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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