How Government Contractors Can Streamline Business Management Processes with Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Government contractors must demonstrate that they can properly track and allocate costs for every project, task, and cost before they are awarded their first government contract.  Once they are awarded the contract, there are additional laws and regulations that must be met and followed.

At Brittenford Systems, we understand the unique challenges of doing business with the Federal government.  Our clients use Microsoft Dynamics SL to streamline and manage the unique accounting and project management challenges of government contracting.

With Microsoft Dynamics SL, they can:

  • Synchronize project accounting and project management information so that project managers have accurate and up-to-date financial and project status information.
  • Easily access project financial information including job status reports (at target and actual), labor costs, subcontractor costs and other direct costs with a web-browser.
  • Share information (e.g., proposals, awarded contracts and task orders, project deliverables, and other key documents) across their company—without paper.
  • Comply with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)  and easily demonstrate such compliance to DCAA auditors.

If you are a government contractor and you want to streamline your business and project management processes, contact Brittenford Systems to learn more about the powers of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Brian Dietz, Brittenford Systems serving the Government Contractors in the mid-Atlantic.

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