Tensoft’s Advanced Dashboard and Analytics Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP Named Top 15 Add-on

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Thanks to our customers and their innovative use of the Tensoft High Tech Dashboard (HTD), this great product has recently been named to the Dynamics World “Top 15 Add-on Products for Microsoft Dynamics GP.” This endorsement is particularly important because Dynamics World is an unbiased online resource, offering information about the products, services, solutions and people that make up the greater global Microsoft Dynamics community.

Tensoft HTD allows customers to “go beyond” Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, allowing them to fully leverage the extensive data captured by Microsoft Dynamics GP, then organize and analyze this information to gain insight and uncover important trends. It allows companies to gain a transparent and detailed financial overview of all business operations in real-time, providing up-to-date data for making confident business decisions with easy to use analytical tools. The product’s drilldown functional dashboards, charts, and warning indicators improve visibility and transparency throughout a business organization.

The secret ingredient of this innovative product? A unique datawarehouse, which allows Tensoft HTD to pull data beyond what exists at any one point in time, so comparisons can be made between right now, and any other time.  This provides powerful business intelligence that goes beyond the attractive graphical display and into the realm of a truly indispensible planning tool.

by Tensoft, Inc

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