Role Center 101 for Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011

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Microsoft Dynamics™ SL provides a slew of new enhancements for end-users. With a new user-interface and functionality improvements, Dynamics SL is one of the largest product upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics in years.

Are you getting the most out of your Dynamics SL 2011 system? Read below for an introduction on Role Centers, Activities and Quick Lists.

What is a Role Center?

The Role Center contains activities and Quick Lists areas to give you quick role-based information from Microsoft Dynamics™ SL data. When you access the Role Center page with your associated access rights, the Activities you have access to (across modules) will appear to the left side of the Role Center.

The Role Center provides a link to sign-in to Microsoft Connect. Connect allows you to change your preferences, provide feedback on the Microsoft Dynamics products and access eLearning materials.

What are Activity Panes and Quick Lists?

They deliver predefined views of payables, receivables and project information in Dynamics SL. It allows users to proactively manage business critical situations before they turn into a crisis through a graphical icon view. A quick list can be associated with each activity displaying all the details like vendor, customer or project information. You can also click on a quick list item and the associated Dynamics SL screen opens with more information.

What is an Activity Group?

Activities are grouped or categorized by Module. These categories are called Activity Groups. Examples include: Payables, Receivables, Project, etc.

What is an Activity Cue?

Within each Activity Group listing there are Activity Cues that typically represent the pending work for a user or group. Each Activity Cue can be set to link an action which includes executing a Microsoft Dynamics™ SL Screen/Query, an external program, URL or a Quick List.

What is a Quick List?

Quick Lists are associated with Activity Cues. The Activity Cue that has focus will be listed in the Quick List area. You can double click on a line item in the Quick List to open the specific screen that will show you that information. Note: You must have access right to the screen for it to open.

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By: SBS Group – New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics SL, GP, CRM & AX Gold Partner & Master VAR

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  1. How do you turn off role center? We are on 2018 and getting deadlock errors on a role center procedure so we want to turn of its execution.


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