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Manage, Monitor, and Coordinate Your Third Party Investors in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

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Investor management can be tedious and it’s incredibly important to be able to communicate to your shareholders in a timely manner with accurate details. If you are currently relying on Excel spreadsheets to track your shareholders' information and find yourself struggling with effectively managing the process then you may find it reassuring to know you are not alone. Time consuming and error prone are two of the biggest complaints we hear from people using spreadsheets to help them with their investor management. In the beginning a spreadsheet was a logical solution if you started with a small number of shareholders. As that number increased though, the ability to maintain control and security over the process has more than likely become difficult.

Luckily for you, in addition to the strong functionality that comes with Dynamics GP, you have access to a community of hundreds of Microsoft certified ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) who develop add on products that provide additional features and functionality to satisfy your unique business needs.

Investor Relationship Manager, a Dynamics GP add on solution, allows users to distribute investments to multipleshare classes, track investors and their needs, print customizable share certificate documents, and ensures timely delivery of accurate information to their shareholders.


Feature Overview:

  • Manage investment securities and share prices
  • Calculate dividends and track dividend distribution histories
  • Provide powerful and flexible investment and ROI analysis
  • Process investment transactions such as sales, splits, buybacks and dividend payments to shareholders
  • Create and track shareholder records leveraging functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Create investment classes to handle preferred and common shares and their distributions
  • Establish different distribution periods for each company  (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Analyze share class historical data (i.e. detail, summary, cumulative)
  • Reduce administrative costs by managing investments and obligations internally eliminating the need to outsource

You’ve made the investment in a top notch Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Dynamics GP, and the reality is that you can’t afford not to maximize the functionally available to you.  Employees expect it, shareholders demand it, and customers value it.

You can learn more now by watching a short Investor Relationship Manager demo movie or by contacting


By Encore Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV

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