Make Business Process Improvement a Priority in 2012

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To remain competitive in today’s fast paced business environment, organizations must have business processes that are designed to respond quickly to change. “The way we always did it” response has to be replaced by the “how can we improve” attitude. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to commit to making that switch in your organization.

Prioritize change for visible progress

Making significant changes to your business process can be intimidating for employees in your organization.  Focus your initial work on the process that will make the most impact on the organization. Evaluate procedures based on value to the business and level of complexity in order to find the right place to start.

Expected Value to Business

  • Direct cost and time savings
  • Improvements in accuracy, data collection
  • Customer/employee service improvement
  • Competitive advantage

Expected Level of Complexity

  • Number of employees affected
  • Cross department coordination
  • Technical implementation complexity
  • Change management or adoption challenges

A basic cost and benefit analysis provides the basis for comparison of the value of projects. Some estimates will be very clear cut, like estimating the number of hours saved per month to provide utilization savings.  Other estimates, like increases in customer satisfaction or support services will be harder to estimate and should be reasoned through without bogging down the process.

Structured tools for a systematic approach

During a recent KTL Solutions Best-in-Class Webinar, Colleen Williams, Senior Consultant at KTL Solutions presented “Five Steps to Business Process Improvement.”  Williams demonstrated how companies can take a systematic approach to replacing outdated procedures with efficient operations.

KTL is making these tools available to help you get started today. The tools support the steps, including:

  • Analyze current processes to identify those which are inefficient and inflexible.
  • Define improvements that are needed.
  • Prioritize through business cases.
  • Prepare for adoption challenges.
  • Implement and monitor results.

These practical materials will help your team evaluate and improve business processes. Take the first step to your best-in-class performance. Visit this page to download these business evaluation tools.

Is it time for you to make changes to your business processes?  Contact Gary [email protected]  or 866-960-0001 and let’s talk about how you can improve your organization’s productivity.

by KTL Solutions

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