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Lighten the Load with ERP Software

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There aren’t many people who wish for a harder day at the office or more papers in the inbox.  In this fast-paced world, we need to accomplish more things during the work day, not less.  It’s not about working longer hours, it’s about becoming more productive.  Businesses are turning to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to help them work smarter and not harder.

Comprehensive business management software such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP connects all of the important aspects of your company into a single software platform.  You can enter and monitor financials, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, and other business operations in a single application.  Since Microsoft Dynamics GP resembles other popular Microsoft software, your employees will find it easy to use, with minimal training.  Automating and streamlining much of the common daily data entry will save time across the company, allowing employees to focus on other important tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics GP uses RoleTailored pages and graphical dashboards customized to employees’ responsibilities and preferences.  Limiting extraneous information on their computers, employees can focus on their specific tasks and enter data quickly and easily.  When it is time to search for information or print off reports, choose from over 200 Excel reports, charts, and graphs or customize reports to analyze the data that is most important to you.  Getting rid of disparate spreadsheets and calculators will save more time in finding information, so that you can spend time analyzing data to make the important decisions that make your business successful.

Regional or global businesses can log onto Microsoft Dynamics GP using secured, portal access from any location.  Whether traveling to clients or conferences, employees can still access their data and keep their projects rolling.  Having important business data in a single application makes it easier for employees to work together whether in the office or in the field.

Wouldn’t we all like to leave the office at a reasonable time with our work neatly moved from the inbox to the outbox?  Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you get closer to that goal with a powerful, yet easy to use, software that can streamline operations across the board.  Contact Rimrock for more information about how Microsoft Dynamics GP can lighten your load.

By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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