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How a Distributor Saved a Million with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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One of the biggest benefits to a new ERP solution is the opportunity it gives you to evaluate your business processes, enhance them to make them as effective as possible, and leverage the software in new ways to optimize those processes.  Going through this evaluation at the time of a merger is even more effective at creating streamlined, unified organizational processes.

That is exactly what the Cleveland, Ohio area merchandising distributor, FFR-DSI, did.  When they merged with a similar organization, they combined their data and their processes in a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The new system helped FFR-DSI optimize their business processes and streamline activities so effectively that they were able to save over $1 million in the first eight months of using their ERP solution.

FFR-DSI’s Director of IT explains why they chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how they achieved such impressive results in this video:

Learn more about why FFR-DSI implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV and how they streamlined operations to save money by downloading their complete case study.

By Socius, an Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

One Response to “How a Distributor Saved a Million with Microsoft Dynamics NAV”

  1. Wow – some impressive results here. It seems that accelerating ‘time to value’ is now high on the list for buyers and this NAV case study clearly demonstrates a strong case.